This library is a work in progress; currently about 70% of Mercerart photo prints have been scanned into the Archive. There are also thousands of negatives and slides which will be sent out to be scanned at a later date. Check back often for updates!

Last update March 2, 2020    

- Last update contains: Lots of additional photos from Greece and England tours; additional general dance education photos from early days of 1955-1960.

Scroll to the bottom of a given gallery to see the latest additions.

In these folders, scanned photos may comprise up to 3 files per image:
1) An unmodified scan,
2) An auto-enhanced version of the image with dust removal, color & contrast enhancement,
3) The back of the photo, if the scanner detected anything written on the back. Sometimes this includes handwritten notes, other times it only contains batch codes from the photo developer, but we're keeping those since we may be able to decode the dates at some point.

If you are looking to scan your own family photo archives, we strongly recommend the Epson FastFoto FF-680W. While it's not cheap at $600, it paid for itself in 2 days versus the Costco scanning service which charges $.32 per photo. It batch scans stacks of photos quickly and without complaint, from tiny wallet-sized snapshots up to 8.5" width, and automatically scans the back of photos if it detects any writing there.